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Picture this: 1994. The United States was slowly moving toward the economic boom of the late 90's. It was the beginning of a golden age that would be remembered for years. At the same time, a young powerful basketball player was in his second year in the NBA. He was becoming an instant star and served as the savior of the ailing Orlando Magic. Shaquille O'Neal.

At the time, people wanted to see more Shaq. They loved Shaq so much that they would do anything Shaq told them to. Shaq went on to begin his merchandising in an effort to please the needs of the people. He decided to rap, releasing the album called: Shaq-Fu. At the time, people really enjoyed it. Shaq was a big star and just him on the stage made them giddy. He also created a video game called Shaq-Fu. The people enjoyed it. GamePro Magazine gave the game a 4.5 overall. Riding on this high, Shaq went on to create the movies: Kazaam and Steel. Everything was going well for Shaq. The people loved him and Shaq loved the people.

Now skip to this year. The economic boom is over and United States is bitter and cynical. Shaquille O'Neal is no longer worshipped by the people. In fact, very few people still pay attention to the NBA. Looking back, the citizens of the USA realize how awful some of Shaq's accomplishments really were. Sure Shaq rapped but was it really that good? No. The people say no. The movies Kazaam and Steel have lost their luster. They are now considered some of the worst, hokiest movies ever to defile the screen. And then there's Shaq-Fu, the video game...

Shaq probably has forgotten he ever created this game. Shaq-Fu has to be the worst fighting game in the history of fighting games. In 1994, America could buy it. America thought it was alright and America could tolerate it. Well, America, tolerate it no more! It is time for us to make up for the mistakes of the past. It is time for us to fight back against the mindless merchandising.

So how do we do this?

Shaqfu.com's mission is to LIBERATE all the copies of Shaq-Fu from existence by buying them from anyone who owns the game, including local console retailers, Ebay merchants, normal citizens, and the like. Here are reasons why this is important:

Reasons for LIBERATING:

  1. You prevent other generations from feeling the corruption of this game and its evil.
  2. You clear up the enormous copies of Shaq-Fu lying on the shelves in used console game stores. By doing so, you remove it from public display so that people will not be reminded of the game's existence.
  3. Purchasing many copies of the game shifts the demand schedule, consequently raising the price. Even though it costs you more money, it reduces the incentive for a non-liberator to buy the game; a worthwhile sacrifice.
  4. By getting it from another person, you remove the burden and embarrassment they feel.

The reasons go on and on. Shaq-Fu must be eliminated for everyone to feel at peace. This website discusses the methods of how to obtain copies and how to dispose and/or make use of the copies obtained. It also serves as the front line for the Shaq-Fu Liberation Front. Here, you will be able to obtain current numbers of Shaq-Fu copies liberated, as well as membership for the Shaq-Fu Liberation Front. With your help, we may be able to obtain a Shaq-Fu-free world for our childen to grow up in. Join today and help our cause!