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We of the Shaq Fu Liberation Front and our backers are aware of the intentions of Big Deez Productions to produce and develop a sequel to the Electronic Arts game, Shaq Fu. We issue the following statement as a response:

This act of aggression will not stand. We of the Shaq Fu Liberation Front take all credible threats very seriously. The possible funding and completion of such a game would be a grave error on the parts of funders, developers, and Shaquille O'Neal himself. The development of a sequel to Shaq Fu is an affront to human dignity and represents a threat to peace and stability all over the world.

The Shaq Fu Liberation Front must react to this outrage. Please trust that we will take all measures to prevent further damage to the public at large from Shaquille O'Neal related video games. We have a duty to preserve a world free of Shaquille O'Neal in video games.

We will continue rallying support from our comrades who agree on the need for action to deter the development and release of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn. And if the fundraising reaches its goal, we will neither confirm nor deny our response, which will be immediate, targeted, and comprehensive. And only with this credible threat will we pressure Big Deez Productions to halt the development of the game and agree to the terms of the "Declaration of Opposition." If Big Deez Productions fails to meet our terms, The Shaq Fu Liberation Front, its allies, and backers will be prepared to act.

Terms of the "Declaration of Opposition":

  1. Immediately cease and desist from developing Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn
  2. Publicly issue a formal apology. This formal apology must come from Shaquille O'Neal and Big Deez Productions. Both must apologize to the funders who naively donated to Indiegogo without fully understanding the ramifications of releasing this game. They must also release a mea culpa for all prior development of Shaquille O'Neal-related intellectual property and the negative impact it has had on the global conscience
  3. They must stop using the motto: "This time, we won't FU it up," and acknowledge that the reason that Shaq Fu was so terrible was not the "Fu"; it was the "Shaq."
  4. Destroy all materials used in the development of the game Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn including, but not limited to: laptops, computers, game consoles, cell phones, tablets, servers, hard drives, portable storage devices, optical media, and any non-electronic media. The destruction process will be monitored to its completion by an independent third party of our choosing.
  5. Retroactively pressure Electronic Arts to destroy all materials described in Term #4 used in the development of the original game, Shaq Fu.
  6. Any Contributions and Inventions used to develop the game must be immediately abandoned. The terms "Contributions" and "Inventions" are understood to include all inventions, ideas, formulae, works, modifications, processes, discoveries, techniques, designs, methods, trade secrets, technical specifications and data, know-how, show-how, concepts, expressions, creations, improvements, works of authorship, ideas and other developments, whether or not they are patentable or copyrightable or subject to analogous protection and regardless of their form or state of development, and whether or not Big Deez Productions has made them alone or with others.

These terms are non negotiable and must be addressed swiftly. But we will not just take Shaquille O'Neal and Big Deez Productions' word for it. We need to see concrete actions through mutual cooperative efforts that they are serious about agreeing to the terms of the "Declaration of Opposition."

We trust that you, the people, will ensure that our goals are met and that this will end peaceably. We invite you to make the correct decision for the future.

-The Shaq Fu Liberation Front