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From: **** Bryan Excell
To: admin@shaqfu.com
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 03:56:55 -0400
Subject: Shaq Fu

To whom it may concern,

I have recently visited your website www.shaqfu.com and am most perplexed as to the creation of such a site. Far more concerting, however, is blatant (and curiously targeted) propaganda that the site contains.

Of such propaganda, one could easily reference the typical logical fallacies of "leading the witness", "poisoning the well", "Red herring", "Straw man", and others, but these are only second to the massive fungoid growth lies spewing out of your page.

Might we examine a paragraph:

"The economic boom is over and United States is bitter and cynical. Shaquille O'Neal is no longer worshipped by the people. In fact, very fewpeople still pay attention to the NBA. Looking back, the citizens of the USA realize how awful some of Shaq's accomplishments really were. Sure Shaq rapped but was it really that good? No. The people say no. The movies Kazaam and Steel have lost their luster. They are now considered some of the worst, hokiest movies ever to defile the screen."

What are we to understand about such statements? It seems that this entire paragraph is based solely on opinion and backed by absolutely no evidence of any kind. What surveys do we have to show the general population as bitterand cynical? Where are the ratings that indicate no one pays attention to the NBA? When have the citizens of the USA looked back, and had therevelation that Shaq's accomplishments weren't really that great? Where do the people say no, Shaq's rapping was not really that good? Kazaam and Steel have lost their luster? Or is it you has become dependent on the greater provisions of modern media?

All of this leads one to wonder how it is that you are so privy to the mind of America? How is it that you can speak so boldly, making such rash and severe claims about an entire nation?

Perhaps there was an intended irony when you entitled the process of mindless destruction "Liberating" (I believe Adolf Hitler used "Cleansing" in his propaganda). It would be of little use to examine each of your purported "Reasons for LIBERATING" (for each is more frustrating than the last) but it is hoped that you can see the destructive patterns in spreading such agendas. I would comment on how you suppose it's possible that this game posses evil. While it is not the purpose of this letter to define evil, it is wondered how this can be a selling point of the your propaganda while games full of graphic violence, pornographic images, illicit drug use, glorification of illegal activities, and no regard for human life inundate the gaming market of today-yet there are no movements of you or your affiliates (as far as I can tell) towards the "Liberating" of such products-especially compared with the main story line of Shaq-fu containing that of the generally excepted virtue of rescue, and selfless justice.

Perhaps the most outlandish statement found on the site claims "Shaq-Fu must be eliminated for everyone to feel at peace.". I dare not discuss this, for fear of insulting the intelligence of the reader.

And yet there is one over arching concern not yet discussed. Why destroy Shaq-fu? A game this poorly designed, with a story line this irrational and hobbled together, and starring Shaquille O'neal of all people, why, it's hilarious. It is almost a monument to everything gamers who grew up on first generation systems stood for. I would be honored if I owned a piece of history this repulsive. How many people can say they own the worst of anything? To actually sit down with Shaq-fu, and donate your time to something that ridiculous is a badge few can bear.

I would ask you to reconsider your destruction of Shaq-fu. Let us not fall into the same liberating tactics of the holy wars, and burn everything for what we perceive as worthless.

Most Sincerely,

Bryan Excell

From: **** wesley sneed
To: admin@shaqfu.com
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 01:25:09 -0400
Subject: i got one

Well id like to tell you one thing i have a copy of the game and under no circumstances will i sell it give it away or lose possesion of it i will make my kids hold on to it forever out of spite of your site just so you know there is still one copy floating around still being played even if i have to remake a super nes just to play it on and one day If somehow i get th chance i will actually play a round or two During the NBA championship on the big screens Live for no other reason then to make you even angrier that is all thank you

From: **** Guy L?tourneau
To: admin@shaqfu.com
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 14:24:34 -0400
Subject: question

After reading the articles in your website and learning about the creation of the game, I fell onto your conclusion. Liberation. Do you not think this is a tad bit harsh? There are many games that are horrible and yet they are not 'liberated'. Shaq-Fu was a game that I used to play when I was younger on the SNES. Now, about 14 years later, I bought myself a Sega Genesis and one of the games I recently got was Shaq-Fu because I remembered how fun it was when I was a kid. Upon showing a friend or two how awesome it is, I looked up some info of the game on the net. Thats when I discovered the site. Is it not a tad too much proclaiming that the game is horrible on it's own site and going as far as showing videos of the game being destroyed and p*ssed on?

Yes I am against cheap celebrity stunts for money and all, but the game isnt that bad. Wu tang clan made a video game for playstation, never really heard of it, because it must not have been that good. Oddly we do not see them tearing the game apart or giving it a terrible review.

My question is why so much hate for this game on it's very own site? Is it a shame so profound that the site must show it is against it's very own creation to not look bad?